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Storm left behind decorations

Although the winter ice storm of Jan. 15-16 caused difficult travel and postponements throughout the area, it also left behind some beautiful decorations on the trees...

My Side of the Fencepost

Underbelly of politics
by Jim Dickeson
We Americans celebrated our Declaration of Independence on July 4th again this year. We celebrated our freedoms and our...

Voters to decide on half-cent sales tax

Did You Know? The City of Albion already has a one-half cent local option sales tax in effect, which has paid for the new Fire Station, Fire Equipment & Maintenance...

How Albion’s downtown has changed

There have been quite a few changes in Albion’s downtown area during the past 100 years.
That’s obvious from this photo, shared by retired Albion...


In her own words
By Julie Dickerson
“As someone who fell off a chair not long ago trying to hear what they were saying at the next table in a restaurant, I suppose I...

My Side of the Fencepost

Better to be free — and vulnerable
By Jim Dickerson
The bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday were a huge shock. Everyone has an immediate reaction, but no one...

My Side of the Fencepost

Thank God it’s over!
By Jim Dickerson
I’m old enough to remember the days before PACs and Super PACs.
Those were the days when political attack ads didn’t...