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The Social Infrastructure
By Paul Hosford
In my last column I discussed the concept of community ownership, the idea that the more invested people feel in their...

Molly’s Musings

About my amazing friends
by Molly Young
Five minutes ago, I had an “aha” moment. A little idea, no, an enormous idea, I often take for granted. This notion...


Where is everybody?
by Paul Hosford
As many readers know, my wife Lori and I are co-directors of the Albion Area Arts Council. Like our predecessors, we do our best to...

Notes from a Vagabond

The rest of the story . . . .
By Steven Fox
Let’s recap the story so far. My wife wakes me up at 5:30 a.m. letting me know that our water heater pilot light is out...

My Side of the Fencepost

New and different politics
By Jim Dickerson 
As I’ve mentioned before, we are fortunate to have some very good candidates running for the District 41 seat...

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